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July 2015

Ian's CottageThe hedges around Ian’s cottage are full of scented honeysuckle whose glorious aroma fills the air when you sit on the terrace outside the cottage or wander around the garden.

July sees the Wedmore Arts Festival, The Frome Festival, Priddy… Continue reading

June 2015

This month at Brickyard Farm Cottages sees the garden full of elderflowers for a few short weeks and the opportunity to make some cordial to add to the welcome hamper in the cottages, delicious in a glass of chilled prosseco… Continue reading

May 2015

Late spring is a time of growing activity on the Somerset Levels.

The many reserves around Brickyard Farm Cottages are the places to visit, to get close-up views from the hides, or to enjoy the beauty of miles of golden… Continue reading

April 2015

The sun continues to shine here at Brickyard Farm Cottages and all the hedges are suddenly turning green, many are a cloud of white blackthorn blossom. Last night I was lucky enough to catch sight of the Barn Owl drifting… Continue reading

March 2015

The Brickyard Farm Cottages’ geese have started laying and will continue to do so for the next 3 months or so. Every day is like a treasure hunt in the garden trying to find the eggs. Goose eggs make the… Continue reading